The Home Draught Beer Pump – upgrade your canned lager

JMP Home Draught Beer Pump

Beer Budget Rating - £

Value for money


Ease of use


Quality of draught beer


Life of beer


Professional pour rating



  • Great gift idea
  • Simple to use
  • Good basic bar gimmick
  • Good price
  • No mess


  • Frequent reloads required
  • More of a novelty option
  • Plastic feel
  • No cooling ability
  • Beer has to be ice cold


What is the JMP Home Draught Beer Pump?, The Home Draught Beer Pump – upgrade your canned lager, Draught Beer At Home

, The Home Draught Beer Pump – upgrade your canned lager, Draught Beer At HomeLooking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your beer? The Home Draught Beer Pump is the perfect solution for upgrading your regular can of lager into a more authentic pulled pint.

Using innovative technology, the beer tap allows you to take either a 440ml or 500ml fridge chilled can and turn it into a tasty draught style offering under your own roof.

Having tried using the product, it certainly gives you the feel that you have created a proper draught pulled pint and the beer seems to taste better, but in all honesty, this could just be a placebo effect from not pouring it out of the can!

The beer pump is not really a solution for entertaining or parties given that you need to keep constantly replacing can by can, so in my opinion, it’s more of a novelty solution / gift to create a few pub style beers at home or a decent feature to add to a home bar and this is probably reflected in the price.


How does it work?

Simply place a pre-chilled 440ml or 500ml can of your favourite beer into the pump, ensure the line goes into the tab hole, close it all up and you are ready to pour.

Here’s a video from JMP to show you how easy it really is…

Beer Budget?

The Home Draught beer pump is a budget solution and gets a ‘£’ rating from us.

Check it out here

The Verdict

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