Perfect Draft Machine – a great all-rounder

Philips Perfect Draft Machine

Beer Budget Rating - £££

Value for money


Ease of use


Quality of draught beer


Life of beer


Professional pour rating



  • Easy to set up
  • Wide range of beers available
  • Great features
  • Trusted brand with great support
  • Delivers a great quality pint


  • Price per pint on the high side
  • Limited to PD Kegs
  • Large fridge needed for pre-chilling required

What is the Philips Perfect Draft Machine?

Philips infamous for TV’s and all wonder of house gadgets have used all their electronic expertise to bring to the market their perfect draft machine, Perfect Draft Machine – a great all-rounder, Draught Beer At HomePerfect Draft Machine and in all honesty, it’s not too far away from perfect.

Unlike other keg converters such as the Klarstein Home Beer Tap the Philips machine does not require COcartridges as the appliance works using air pressure generated from an automatic pump. The air never comes into direct contact with the beer either so ensure the beer is delivered at optimal quality.

Once you’ve completed the relatively simple process of loading your keg into the loading bay, the internal cooling system will chill your beer to 3°C ready for pouring. You can use your tap before it hits the 3-degree mark but you may find your beer is a little foamier.

The good thing about this beer tap is that it utilises special kegs for use only in perfect draft machines and they are 6 litres in size. This means you will get somewhere roughly between 10-11 pints out of one keg, so a very decent volume of beer is to be had.

What about the Kegs?

I guess the snag here is that you can’t simply go down to your local supermarket and grab a standard 5-litre mini-keg as it won’t perfect draft machine, Perfect Draft Machine – a great all-rounder, Draught Beer At Homework in the machine which is a bit of a frustration. Nevertheless, the range of perfect draft kegs available is pretty good within the region of 40 different types available from proper craft such as Tiny Rebel Cali pale to your more mainstream options such as Stella, Corona, Becks etc.

The Perfect Draft kegs are a little less value for money than the regular supermarket kegs, at the time of writing a 6L Stella Artois keg was around £31 meaning you are getting a pint for somewhere in the region of around £2.80. The cost can be reduced by sending your kegs back after use and receiving beer token credit, more info on that here. This takes the cost down to around £2.40 per pint. The thing to remember is you are really buying into their tech here and having tried the machine a few times it really does deliver a great quality pint.

The machine will take 15 hours + to chill the beer sufficiently from room temperature, which means it’s one of the faster chilling machines but it is recommended to keep your keg in the fridge (if it’s big enough for a 6L one!) so that once you load it up it should only take an hour or so to chill for pouring.

The machine also has a really cool LED screen so you can check when you arrive at the pivotal 3 and one really unique feature is that screen will also indicate how many days of freshness you have left in your keg and also how much volume of beer you have left, similar to a digital dial that shows you how much fuel is left in your car, perfect for when you are entertaining so you know your keg is nearing the end of its life.


How does it work?

As you only can use specifically Perfect Draft kegs it’s a really simple process, once you’ve connected the keg tap to the top of the keg, it’s a case of loading it in the bay, pulling down the forks to load it in place and close the doors.

The below video shows you how really simple it is to use…


Beer Budget?

Given the quality and ease of use, the Perfect Draft sits towards the top end of the market price-wise and gets a ‘£££’ rating from us

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The Verdict

The machine will keep the beer fresh for at least 30 days and really does deliver a fantastic pint. It really is a good all-rounder because it would work well for entertaining or even just when you want a few casual drinks. Limited maintenance is required and set up is nice and easy with the only main drawback that you are nearing the £3 a pint mark with the cost of the kegs.



perfect draft machine, Perfect Draft Machine – a great all-rounder, Draught Beer At Home

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