Ice Core Beverage Dispenser – Your chilled beer tower

Ice Core Beverage Dispenser

Beer Budget Rating - £

Value for money


Ease of use


Quality of draught beer


Life of beer


Professional pour rating



  • Portable
  • Great for parties
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps beer cool
  • Reasonable price


  • Not a proper draught beer solution
  • Ice compartment needs re-fills
  • Low volume compartment
  • Beer does flatten a bit over time
  • A few re-pours required

What is the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser? , Ice Core Beverage Dispenser – Your chilled beer tower, Draught Beer At Home, Ice Core Beverage Dispenser – Your chilled beer tower, Draught Beer At Home

Whilst not technically only a draught beer tap, this beverage dispenser is a great low cost solution for creating your own beer tower at home or on the go! With a 2.5L storage tower it will yield nearly four and a half ice-cold chilled pints and even features 0.5L increment lines so no-one gets short changed on measures.

It includes a lazy susan base so you can easily swivel it around for whoever is next in line for a swift pint. I’ve had a couple of these out for BBQ’s in the past as you can easily direct people to ‘help themselves’ at the pint station, simply lay out some beer glasses or cups and let people pour away, it’s a nice touch.

Obviously the dispenser doesn’t just have to hold beer so you could add wine, cocktails or water (for rehydration fans) and it’s an absolute doddle to clean, a few minutes hand wash in the sink and you are all done.


How does it work?

Simply fill the removable cooling core and fill it with ice, then fill the liquid compartment up with your favourite beer of your choice and voila!…Ice cold beer available at your fingertips. In my experience, on a warm summers day it will keep all the contents of the liquid compartment nice and cool for enough time for the beer to disappear, when re-filling just simply re-add more ice as necessary.

Beer Budget?

The Ice Core and indeed other beverage dispensers are a great budget option and get a ‘£’ rating from us.

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The Verdict

Beer Dispensers are a great option to get that draught beer vibe but don’t expect authentic draught beer here.

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