Get beer ready for the greatest football show on earth with Beerwulf

beerwulf, Get beer ready for the greatest football show on earth with Beerwulf, Draught Beer At Home

UnBEERlievable scenes are about to be had this November with world football’s four-yearly extravaganza on the horizon! As the anticipation builds for the tournament, are you properly set up for watching your favourite team’s all-important games with a delicious pulled pint? 

There’s nothing quite like hosting a gathering at your place to watch those must-win matches whilst being able to serve fresh draught beers to all your best buds! 

Now just might be the time for you to invest in your own home draught beer tap. Not only can you impress all your pals by serving your favourite IPA, lager, cider or craft but you will massively upgrade the taste and quality of your drink. No cans, no fuss – you can simply pop your kegs into your chosen beer tap and you are good to go!

beerwulf, Get beer ready for the greatest football show on earth with Beerwulf, Draught Beer At Home


🍺 Get that at-home bar feeling for the big match without the pub prices!

🍺 Over 35 different beers and ciders for draught serving 

🍺 Enhance your beers taste, texture and feel from wherever there’s a plug

Read on below for our top fan recommendations and details of Beerwulf’s latest offers…Enjoy responsibly.


Beerwulf’s BLADE beer tap can deliver up to 14 home-poured pints from one keg to easily get you through 90 minutes or even extra time and penalties! Your cost per pint on the Blade is a very reasonable average price of £2.50 a pint. The machine will cool the beer down to a refreshing 2 degrees to give you professional beers or ciders in your own front room.

Pair your new BLADE with cider named after one of England’s greatest knights, Richard De Clare. Strongbow Dark Fruits cider has gained cult status with its refreshing blend of blackcurrant and blackberry juices. The Starter Pack includes 2 x Dark Fruits BLADE kegs to set you up nicely for cheering on Southgate’s red and white army!

It’s a great patriotic pairing and Beerwulf is currently giving you Up to £40 off Blade Dark Fruit Starter Packs so no better time to get started!


For Belgium fans, the light and versatile Sub Compact is the beer tap you need for those hearty Belgian beers. The Sub Compact kegs hold 2 litres per keg (nearly 4 pints) and will keep your beer nice and fresh for at least 14 days.

Beerwulf has a great selection of Belgian beers available for The SUB such as Hapkin, St Feuillian and La Chouffe. We recommend the Affligem starter pack as you can’t get more Belgian than with one of its oldest breweries founded in around 1074! 

The starter pack comes with 2 x Affligem 2L kegs. Pair this beautiful blonde beer with a chalice-style glass and Beerwulf’s offer of Up to £30 off The SUB Compact Affligem Starter Packs and you have everything you need to cheer on Di Matteo’s men!


Cheer on the orange army with the SUB Classic paired with Heineken, the official partner of the Dutch national team! Slightly larger than the compact version, the SUB Classic has a slightly more robust and sleek design. It holds 2 litre kegs and will chill your beer to a frosty 2 degrees. 

Heineken has its roots from a small family brewery in the heart of the dutch capital Amsterdam so you won’t get more authentic Dutch than that!

There are also other Dutch favourites available in Amstel and Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen if you fancy switching it up.

Right now you can get £10 off The SUB Classic so get hold of one as soon as you can as they will be snapped up faster than you can say Ruud Gullits dreadlocks!  


Serious about football and beer or just maybe your team didn’t qualify? No stress as Beerwulf has got you covered with their BLADE Mixed Starter Pack. The BLADE is Beerwulf’s professional beer machine, it’s a great addition to any home bar or kitchen. Load up your favourite tipple, sort out your snacks and enjoy the big match on screen in style!

The Starter Pack comes with a BLADE beer tap and four kegs: Birra Moretti L’Autentica, Zipfer, Tiger and Heineken. Plus you can also take advantage of Beerwulf’s offer of Up to £70 off Blade Mixed Starter Packs – back of the net!

There’s never been a better time to get ready for the action so get yourself over to Beerwulf to take advantage of these offers and get quality pints in time for kick off!

Visit Beerwulfs Beer is Coming Home 2022 page for more details on even more Sub & Blade offers available.

beerwulf, Get beer ready for the greatest football show on earth with Beerwulf, Draught Beer At Homebeerwulf, Get beer ready for the greatest football show on earth with Beerwulf, Draught Beer At Home
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