Cool Home Bar Accessories


Cool Home Bar Accessories

Whether you are looking for some extra opulence for your man cave or want to put the finishing touches to your own home bar, these cool home bar accessories will do just the trick! We have listed some great options to improve your draught beer at home experience, there’s everything from personalised bar mats so you can let everyone know who runs the show, right through to at home draught beer pumps in order for you to deliver authentic pulled pints to your guests! Take a look at some of our favourite gadgets, gizmo’s and accessories your bar can’t be without!


1. Cold Beer Neon Light Sign

It might be stating the obvious but let all your guests know that cold draught beer is served at your bar with this authentic neon light sign. The signs come in a variety of different neon colours ensuring that there is an option to suit the decor of your own home bar. The best thing is they don’t use any noxious gas so no maintenance is required and the LED bulbs have a good 5-10 year lifespan depending on how much your bar is open.


2. The Sub Compact Beer Dispenser

Well, if you’ve got a sign that says ‘cold beer’ you better be able to serve it! The Sub compact is a home draught beer tap which utilises mini-kegs called ‘torps’ which you put into the loading bay, connect a tube and then you are ready to pour a glass of authentic draught beer. There is a great mix of beers available with it from premium lager’s such as Heineken to IPA’s like Lagunitas. The Sub is one of our favourite beer dispensers as it’s such great value for money but there are many other beer dispensers on the market to suit all budgets which you can discover here.


3. Bar Top Condiment Holder

Whether it’s peanuts, pork scratchings or sliced lemons to pop in a corona, a condiment holder will add a nice bit of organisation to your home bar. The Garnish Bar Caddy is made up of four plastic containers attached to a non-slip base and is dishwasher safe which means no hassle on cleaning up afterwards.


4. Party Lights


Get the party started with these sound activated disco lights and bring a party vibe to your home bar. The lights will change colour to the beat of the music and can also be controlled with a hand remote which also can change colours or modes. It’s really small so won’t take up too much space and can be placed or hung anywhere.


5. Personalised Bar Mat

Proudly proclaim the name of your bar or add any other cheeky message to your own personalised bar mat to place on your serving surface. This durable slip resistant mat will soak up any wayward spillage and also give you a nice platform on which to deliver your freshly poured beer just like a real landlord!


6. Decorative Beer Sign

Add a touch of authenticity to your bar with a novelty decorative beer sign with one of our Italian faves Nastro Azzuro Peroni. The sign is made of lightweight aluminium and has a glossy finish which gives it a solid sturdy look and it comes with adhesive pads to easily attach to the wall so no need for a drill.

7. Beer Fridge

Keep your SUB kegs or several cans of lovely craft chilled in this Cookology beer fridge, another perfect addition to your bar. This fridge is probably one of the best value options in terms of size, price and volume it can hold and it can be placed under a bar or as a nice drinks display on your table top for guests to help themselves! The fridge is compact enough and versatile to be moved if necessary and is super quiet and energy efficient. There is enough space to hold roughly 40 x 440ml beer cans so you won’t be wasting time re-stocking it.


8. Personalised Hanging Bar Sign


Let everyone know where to find your home bar with a personalised hanging pub or beer sign. The sign is printed both sided and is made from aluminium so it will last for years and years even if placed outside. It comes pre-hung so all you need to do is attach it to the area you want to hang it. The company that create these can even add more professional touches for you by adding lights or providing you with matching bar runners and coasters.


9. Gadgy Beer Dispenser

Not quite ready to shell out for a SUB? No problem, the Gadgy Beer Dispenser is a great option for parties and is a cool addition to your bar. It’s super simple to use, fill the core compartment with ice and add your favourite beer for nicely chilled beer out of a tap. Whilst it won’t improve the quality of your beer it will hold roughly 6 pints so you will have plenty of beer ready for dispensing. It’s also great for BBQ’s in the summer and can be used for other liquids but we think having beer in it is best!


10. Branded Bar Runner

Are you Corona or Carlsberg? Add a professional touch to your bar with a branded bar runner. These matts are made from high quality rubber just like the ones you’ll find in pubs, bars and clubs and give you a proper non-slip surface to serve your drinks onto – perfect for adding another professional touch to your bar.


11. Branded Peroni Glasses

Nothing oozes quality like an authentic Peroni glass to serve your draught beer in. These pint glasses are great kept in the freezer so they get nice and frosty, perfect for serving ice cold fresh beer. They also seem to be no trouble in the dishwasher so no hand scrubbing required as long as you can fit them in.


12. Wall Mounted Glass Rack

If you are going for the sophisticated bar look then a wall mounted glass rack is a real nice addition to your bar. The rack will work for beer glasses with large bases and with wine glasses and champagne flutes too. Made from chrome, its feels solid and sturdy and can be affixed to a shelf, cabinet or wall close to your bar for a classy touch.


13. Bar Organiser

Keep your bar top nice and tidy with this handy Bar Organiser. There are compartments for napkins, straws and umbrella’s if you fancy yourself as a bit of a del-boy. Made out of sturdy plastic in a matt black finish its another great small touch to your bar and also handy to have napkins around for any drunken spillages!


14. Illuminated Bar Sign

It might be stating the absolute obvious a bit but it’s always a good idea to clearly let any guests know exactly where your bar is and what better way to do it with an illuminated bar sign! The sign features 38 LED lights to bring a nice upbeat glow to your bar without breaking the bank. There are key hole slots at the back of the letters in case you wanted to hang them somewhere but either way they would look great on any bar top.


15. Last Orders Bell

Time Gentleman please! What would your bar be without an authentic last orders bell? This traditional brass bell can be wall mounted and rung to your hearts content or just when you want everyone to clear off. A great addition if you are going for a very much pub feel to your bar area…fruit machines sold seperately.


If you are looking for more solutions to get draught beer in your own home, check out our article on Beer Tap Systems here