Blade Kegs – The Ultimate Buying Guide


Looking for the lowdown on all the brands of Blade Kegs you can buy and where to get them? Check out our guide so you can ensure that your Blade machine is always fully stocked up with fresh home draught beer. 

Beerwulf will normally be your main point of call for your kegs but at popular times of the year, you can face the dreaded ‘out of stock’ icon. Have no fear though, with our guide we have listed some other UK stockists you can try if you are in need of a keg!

What Kegs are available?

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At the time of writing, there are 25 different beers & ciders available in the blade keg range. There is a good mix of styles available from lagers, wheat beers and pale ales with something to suit all beer drinkers’ palates. A full A-Z list of what’s available is below:

Affligem Blond

Alfa Greek Lager


Apfel Rauber Cider

Birra Messina Cristalli Di Sale

Birra Moretti L’Autentica

Brixton Brewery Reliance Pale Ale


Edelweiss Hefetrub

Edelweiss Wheat Beer

Eichof Braugold

Gösser Marzen

Gösser Radler

Gösser Zwickl

Hapkin Blond Beer

Heineken & Heineken Silver

Heineken 0.0%

Lagunitas IPA

Linzer Bier



Villacer Marzen

Wiener Lager

Zipfer Urtyp

Where to buy Blade Kegs?

Below is a list of selected sites that regularly have good availability of Blade kegs for when Beerwulf don’t have you covered. There are also some sites like Beer Monster which have some great prices for multiple kegs too. 

Worth trying all these places if you are in need of a keg fast:

Beerwulf – Your main point of call for Blade kegs with 20 odd brands stocked

Beer Monster – Have some great prices on Blade bundles of between 3-5 kegs

Keg Man – Kegman stock a selected range of kegs

Little Drink Station – have a small range of kegs

365 Drinks – Good for mainstream lager brands and offer speedy delivery

AnyFay – Offer the core Heineken brands namely Birra Moretti, Amstel, Tiger and Heineken

Amazon – Have kegs available on prime when you need a speedy solution but they aren’t normally best-priced.


How do Blade Kegs work?

For information on how the Blade Machine works check out our review here

What are Blade Kegs?

Blade Kegs are 8L reinforced plastic kegs that slot into the Blade Beer Machine for dispensing quality draught beer.

How long do Blade Kegs last?

When delivered generally have a good 3-6 months as a best before the date when they are delivered. Once the keg is installed the beer will stay fresh for at least 30 days.

How much beer will one Blade Keg produce?

After installation, you will need to clear a little foam as the internal line that carries the beer to the top of the keg is filled with carbon dioxide before you tap it. The first-half glass to full glass can be foam on a new keg but after that, you can look forward to approximately 14 pints of goodness from your keg.

How to store Blade Kegs?

Kegs should be stored in a cool dry environment, when you are close to installing one of your kegs it’s best to pop it in the fridge overnight or 24 hours to cool to 4 degrees. This means the cooling process in the machine after installation is super quick.

Can I save money with subscriptions or bulk buys?

Some of the stockists we have mentioned do Bulk Buy offers but at the time of writing there are no discount subscriptions available for the Blade unlike for The Sub

Can you put Blade Kegs in the freezer?

It is not recommended kegs are cooled in the freezer as any freezing could damage the casing

Where to buy Kegs in Ireland?

The Beer God are an Irish based stockist for Blade Kegs.

Can blade kegs be refilled?

Kegs can’t be refilled and need to be disposed of after use. They are unlike 5L mini-kegs which can sometimes be re-used.

Are Blade Kegs Recyclable?

Yes Blade Kegs are all made from 100% recyclable packaging

Can I take a Blade Keg out of a Blade Machine before it’s empty?

You can remove a Blade Keg from the machine but it’s not recommended to re-install and consume after this is done. Installing the keg keeps the beer at the right pressure and freshness and removing and re-installing may mean this is compromised for future pours.

Where can I get accessories for my Blade?

Check out our Home Bar Shop where we have a small range of products to complement your Blade.

If you are looking for customised Blade Wraps to add a touch of flair to your machine you can try Premium Pump Wraps.

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