What are the best home bar fridges for sale?


Sometimes, an impressive display is everything you need to add a professional touch to your home bar. Showcasing your beverages properly makes a huge difference to the authenticity, look and feel of it and that’s where bar fridges come into play. There are loads of bar fridges for sale in the UK as of now — making it hard to pick the best one for your needs. 

But don’t worry. In this article, we pick out some of the best ones on the market right now. We’ve given a range of options to suit all sizes and budgets so let’s dive in and run through our top picks!


With more than 700 positive reviews at Amazon.co.uk, the Subcold Viva16 had to be the number one spot on our best bar fridges for sale list. It’s a 16-bottle under-counter fridge that would be a smart addition to any home bar. Place it under your bar or on top, the Viva16 is a super versatile compact fridge. If its capacity doesn’t cut it for you, you can also choose from a  35, 50 or 65-litre version too.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with this fridge. It’s got enough capacity to chill out 16 75cl size wine bottles with its powerful cooling system. The smart touch digital thermostat makes it easy to shift to optimum temperatures.

It’s low energy, low noise and features an interior LED light to illuminate your bottle collection. The front is made with UV tempered mirrored glass and the internal chrome wired shelves can be moved to adjust to the drinks you need to load. Plus, if something goes wrong with it during the first year, the 1-year warranty has got you covered.

Get your Viva16 at Amazon.co.uk


Currently, the #1 best seller on Amazon UK store in bar fridges, the Comfee Beverage Cooler is a really popular under the bar fridge.

It’s got removable shelves that you can put in and out based on your needs at any given moment. Best suited for storing 330ml-440ml cans (bit short for 500ml) — it works well for home use, as well as for commercial purposes. 

It’s compact, minimalistic design makes up an impressive display for any home bar. The Comfee is low noise, low energy and is a great value bar fridge.

Get your Comfee at Amazon.co.uk


Subcold’s Super65 is the bigger, beefier brother of the VIVA16. It’s got 65 litres of total capacity and is perfect for holding a mix of cans and bottles.

The beautiful front glass makes up for a solid beverage display and it can comfortably hold 48 standard cans and 5 x 75cl wine bottles. 

There are multiple shelves that you can remove and install at will. It’s got all the certifications needed to be operational as a branded cooler, plus it comes with a one-year brand warranty.

Despite its size and capacity, Super65 manages to stay on the more energy-efficient side too. 

Get your Subcold Super65 at Amazon.co.uk

Russell Hobbs RHGWC1B Table Top Cooler

This Russell Hobbs model could very well be the best-looking bar fridge on our list. It’s got a shiny black metallic finish, but you can also get the stainless steel version.

You can store 12 bottles of wine or 38 x 440ml cans — making it ideal for any compact home bar or pub. Plus, it serves to be a really smart addition to your home appliances. 


This model has got two shelves and one rack, which are completely adjustable based on your needs and wants. And just like the above-mentioned options, it’s also rated for Energy Efficiency — which means you will save big-time on your power expenditure.

Get your RH RHGWC1B Cooler at Amazon.co.uk


Russell Hobbs RHBC48B Undercounter Cooler

We are in the big boys’ neighbourhood now. This Russell Hobbs gigantic bar fridge has 93 litres of total capacity. You can store as many as 90 canned beers in this beast. It’s got adjustable feet and a reversible door for maximum flexibility.

It’s a pretty quiet machine for the power and functionality it has. If you’re looking for a massive bar fridge to comply with your growing urge to build a beautiful home bar — this one is for you. For added peace of mind, it also comes with a 2-year warranty.

It’s available in two colours,  black and silver — to match the style and theme of your room of choice.  

Get your RH Undercounter Cooler at Amazon.co.uk

Russell Hobbs Table top mini fridge

Another Russell Hobbs option if you’re looking for a smaller bar fridge on a budget. It’s a small under-counter beverage fridge that you can also place on countertops. The compact design can fit into tight compartments and smaller areas. 

The 12-bottle storage space is just enough to keep up with any small home bar or pub’s storage needs. It’s available in black colour to suit the needs of most, modern bars. 

Get your RH Table Top Mini Fridge at Amazon.co.uk

Cater-Cool Double Sliding Door Cooler

Need a proper bit of kit for your bar? This is the one for you. It has an impressive two sliding door design which gives a professional touch to your home bar.

The tinted glass doors make up an impressive display for any bar it’s installed in. Simply put, this fridge is one of the best if you have the budget.

The Cater-Cool has enough capacity to store 180 x 330ml bottles at a time – best get stocked up! Plus, the included LEDs are built on power-saving technology so no energy goes to waste and it also has adjustable shelving.

Get your Cater-Cool at Amazon.co.uk


With the popularity of home bars on the rise everyone is looking to add even more authenticity to their bars wherever possible. We’ve given a good mix of the best home bar fridges for sale to suit all budgets. Pick the best one that fits your requirements and you are good to go!

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