About Draught Beer at Home

Welcome Beer Lovers!

If you’ve made it here then you probably love beer as much as me!

Nowadays, you don’t just have to head to your local bar or pub, there are plenty of options available for you to get that tap beer taste under your own roof – isn’t that great?!

Perfect for a few draught lager’s after a long week at work, for when the boys are over to watch the big game or even when you are hosting family and friends. As soon as I heard this was possible I ordered my Sub and have never looked back.

I created the Draught Beer at Home website when the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic began to kick off and all our pubs and bars began to slowly close down. With people forced to do their entertaining at home – I thought I’d share all the info and reviews of the best draught beer taps and home bar related products so you can create that pub/bar experience in your home too.

You will find information, reviews and details on where you can get your own draught beer tap at home and everything that goes with it!

Hope you enjoy and Cheers!!


Founder of Draught Beer at Home



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