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Well, we say ‘how to build a garden bar’ but as this isn’t, what we really mean is cheating and sourcing everything you need to create a garden bar with minimal fuss! There’s nothing like having your own garden bar for summer parties as a great focal point for your guests to go and grab a nice cold beer or beverage.

We’ve listed some of the best products we could find to suit all budgets so you’ve got everything you need to add all the touches to your own garden bar. There’s everything actually from the bar frames themselves, to handy accessories that you can add to it to give it the authentic touches, check out our picks below!

1. Tiki Bar Hut

Add a touch of Hawaiian flair to your garden bar with this Tiki Bar Hut Frame. Tiki Bar’s are a great way to get an inexpensive quirky little bar, all you need to add is a reasonable size wooden table and add a Hawaiian Luau table skirt around the edges and you’ll have a great bar base for under £50 – bargain!


2. Wooden Garden Bar

This stylish Garden Bar is made from sturdy acacia hardwood and includes a proper tabletop for proudly serving your drinks on. Perfect for any patio or terrace even coming with its own sunroof so thirsty work doesn’t get you too thirsty!


3. Rattan Garden Bar

Exude outdoor elegance with this contemporary rattan bar & imperial chair set and transform your garden with a nice modern look. The set comes with a glass tabletop and is made from a sturdy aluminium frame making it a nice solid option. Also included is a trusty canopy to shelter you whilst attending to your thirsty guests!


4. LED Garden Furniture

Ibiza Garden Vibes? This funky set of light-up LED garden furniture will do the trick and give your garden a holiday club feel for those warm summer nights! With changeable colour lights, you can set the right mood for your outdoor bar…just add VIP and someone to do the table service!


5. LED Light Cube Stools

Still want the Ibiza vibes without the price tag? We got you covered with these funky LED cube stools. These colour changing cubes will add a great ambience to any garden bar area and can also be changed colour to suit any style. There is a variety of different sizes available so they can be used as tables or seats depending on your preference and come with a remote control for easy on and off.


5. Diggit Garden Speaker

The Diggit Garden speaker is a great option to pump out the tunes to all your punters! The speaker easily connects to any Bluetooth compatible device and is weatherproof so you can leave it firmly placed in the ground on its spike in case of any unwanted showers! The sound quality and volume are top-notch for the price and USB charging will get you up to 24 hours of playtime, easily past last orders!


6. High Top Table & Chairs

This set of high table and chairs is a great compliment to your bar area and will give it a nice authentic look. Made of solid wood with poly-rattan seat covers, it will give your bar a smart-looking focal point and give your guests somewhere to sit.


7. Personalised Bar Sign

Let everyone know who the landlords are with this personalised bar sign for your garden bar. These signs are customisable and come in different sizes so will fit in perfectly no matter your bar size. There’s also the option to include twine so you can hang your sign proudly or an option for sticky pads if you want to slap it on the front of your bar.


8. 3-in-1 Bar Table

The 3-in-1 bar table is a great bit of equipment for your garden bar! It trebles as a coffee table, cocktail table and cooler so you can plant several nice bottles of craft into ice while having somewhere handy to pop your opened drink. You can also buy a version with internal usb re-chargeable lighting for after dark drinks.

9. Plastic Pint Glasses


Avoid any breakages with these sharp-looking polycarbonate pint glasses. Virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe these glasses are ideal for outdoor beer consumption or given to those who like more beers than most! These glasses come in a pack of four and are great for outdoor parties.


10. Plastic Drip Tray

A nice addition to your outdoor bar top, this plastic drip tray will give you a nice platform to deliver your beers to patrons. Easy to remove and clean it will be a handy device to catch any wayward spillages from amateur pourers!

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