Father’s Day Beer Gifts


It’s that time of year again when son’s pay homage and thanks to the man who helped raised them. The man who once became your own personal taxi service and helped you with all that DIY deserves a bit of recognition, right? For all those beer loving Dad’s out there, we have put together a list of all the best Father’s Day Beer Gifts that are sure to go down well!

Here are some of our picks from the best beer gift boxes to novelty beer items that any beer loving Dad would be happy to receive this Fathers Day…


Draught Kegs



Give Dad draught pints in the comfort of his own home with one of these 5-litre draught kegs from Beerwulf. These kegs are different to normal kegs you find in the supermarket as they come with a built-in internal C02 compressor that will keep the beer fresh for up to 30 days and come with a tap that you affix to deliver a draught style pint! There are a good few brands to choose from such as Heineken, Affligem, Desperado’s and prices start around £17 each keg which will deliver Dad 9 pints!

Read more about Kegs here

Beerhawk Traditional Beer Discovery Box

When it comes to beer, is your old man a traditionalist at heart? If so Beerhawk have got a fantastic looking ‘Cheers Dad’ Beer crate box packed with some absolute classics. The box includes 11 bottles with everything from Golden ale’s such as Osset’s Yorkshire Blonde to continental classics such as Belgium’s Leffe Blonde. A Beerhawk tasting glass is also included so he’s got something smart to pour all these lovely selections into.

Craft Brewery Discovery Tour

There’s nothing quite like seeing how the beautiful amber nectar is made and then getting to sample all the creations! Give Dad a Craft Beer Discovery tour voucher and depending on which tour your choose, either one or two people will get a tour around a craft beer brewery as well as a beer sampling session. There are 16 different craft breweries to choose from all over the UK and the voucher is valid until 1st June 2021.

Beerwulf UK Local Brewers Beer Case

Dad like his craft? Treat him to this UK Local Brewers beer case celebrating some of the UK’s best breweries like BrewDog and Beavertown. The case contains IPA’s, Lager’s, Stouts and Pale Ales so there is a myriad of tasting delights ahead for him with this case. If Dad is the patriotic type, this is the one for him!

Man Walks into a Pub

Pete Brown’s book ‘Man Walks into a Pub’ is a funny and fascinating dive into the origins of beer, brewing and tales of how the humble pub began. The book provides wonderful insight and detailed history into how beer drinking culture got to where it is today covering everything from how governments used to manipulate beer production and where ‘yards of ale’ came from. This book will ensure your Dad is the most knowledgable of beer drinkers!

Adnams Bottle Brew Box

Suffolk’s most famous brewery Adnams offer a great 6 bottle brew box featuring their most popular beers. Dad will get to sample some of their classic brews including their infamous Ghost Ship Citrus ale which is inspired by one of Adnams 600 year old haunted pubs. A great little taster kit at a great price of just £9.99!

Personalised Beer Tankard

Let Dad get his hands on a personalised beer tankard to proudly guzzle down his favourite beer of choice. This single personalised pint glass can be custom engraved with any name as well as adding his tipple choice for him to proudly proclaim his ale of choice.

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