Best Beer Taps for Summer 2020


With the Coronavirus pandemic shutting most of our pubs and bars, getting hold of a nice cold draught beer has been somewhat of a distant memory! Whilst we are all hoping that we can get back to normal as soon as possible, we’ve listed some of the best beer taps to supplement your draught beer needs while the pub isn’t an option. Also when they do re-open, you will still have the option of a much-improved pint in your home or garden to enjoy!

We’ve listed our top 5 beer taps you can get your hands on for this summer available at the time of writing to suit all budgets, just in case the re-opening of our drinking establishments takes a little longer than planned…


1. Goods & Gadgets Beer Tower


Perfect for garden parties & summer BBQ’s, the Goods & Gadgets Beer Tower will hold up to a monster 7 pints of beer for easy dispensing. All you need to do is fill the cooling core up with a good amount of ice then add your favourite beer or lager and you are good to go. The cooling element is sealed and does not come in contact with the good stuff so watered down beer is not an issue! Whilst it probably won’t improve the taste and texture of your beer it looks a lot better than a dustbin filled with ice and water chucking some cans in!


2. InnovaGoods Beer Tap

Looking for a great value solution to improve the quality of your beer can during lockdown? The InnovaGoods Beer Tap might be the one for you! Utilising ultrasound waves the machine converts the natural carbonation in your standard can of beer into a microfoam which in turn improves the taste, texture and aroma of the beer. All you need to do is make sure your beer cans have had a decent amount of time in the fridge and connect them using the internal tube and you are good to go. The device comes with an adaptor so will work with 33cl, 35cl, 44cl and 55cl cans so you can accommodate everything from a multipack can to a nice can of craft. It also runs off 2 x AA batteries meaning its portable so perfect for a little trip to the park or someone else’s garden!


3. The Sub Beer Dispenser


Perfect pints at home have never been easier with The Sub beer dispenser. Simply load up a torp (2L mini keg) after a good long chill in the fridge into the loading bay, affix a connecting tube and you’ll be pulling pints in a flash. The device doesn’t take up loads of space and is a great addition to your kitchen worktop, home bar or man cave. You can pick up a torps from around £7 which will get you around 4 pints at roughly £1.75 a pint which is great value compared to some other beer dispensers. The Sub looks stylish and will deliver you a really good quality pint plus there are plenty of beers available to choose from that will stay fresh for 15 days.

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4. Klarstein Beer Tap


Crisp fresh beer is always best and that is where the Klarstein Beer Tap really shines. Utilising COcartridges the machine ensures your beer is perfectly carbonated for optimum delivery. The great thing about it is that the machine connects to the standard 5L mini-kegs you can pick up in the supermarket and also comes with an adaptor for already carbonated Heineken draught kegs which means getting your hands on compatible beer is much more easily accessible. You will still need to pre-chill your kegs unless you want to wait a while but once you are there one keg will get you around 9 glorious pints

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5. Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser

?Serious draught beer lovers look no further, the Phillips Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser uses air pressure technology to deliver you a top-notch pint. The perfect draft machine uses custom 6-litre kegs available from Beerhawk which means you will get somewhere in the region of 10-11 pints from one keg which will stay fresh for at least 30 days…not that you will need that long! The machine boasts a temperature indicator to check your beer is sufficiently chilled as well as a beer level indicator so you know how much (or little!) beer you have left. There is also a great selection of kegs available that will suit any all types of beer lovers!

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  • Thanks for sharing the great content! Although i’m not a beer lover but i think i can put juice inside the beer tower haha xD

  • Thank you for the review.

    Although I do not drink beer I do have friends who would be delighted to see this and hopefully benefit from it. Great work. I learnt a thing or two

  • This is a great article. I have saved the first tap into my wish list on amazon as I think we’ll be spending a bit more time in the garden lol. Great post. Very informative and the prices are very reasonable. Well done

    • Great to hear it Russ! Nothing like a massive beer tower on a hot summers day in the garden!

  • I would say “WOW” for this article.

    Some beer taps I’ve seen them before. Some of them look like a coffee maker.
    I will forward this article to my friends. They will love it.

    Thanks and have a great day.

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